As you envision what it’s like to obtain the most value possible from your education, we invite your gaze beyond the expected unto an opportunity for so much good unlike any other. Not just another boot camp, and miles above maneuvering the path to free internships and beyond, our students conversely find themselves prepared for active roles in otherwise live and demanding but actively supervised work environments using the latest tools and techniques for the job. That is the Hacker: Coding Academy advantage; cultivating real graduate preparedness backed by performance confidence under expert tutelage: never relying on mere examinations or the completion of projects to move ahead.


The following courses are available part-time and full-time:


A month-long power introduction to everything technology related and relevant for beginning to understand and master web programming; here is a crash course in internet concept theory and terminology, computer science, and hands-on work with the Linux operating system. Start with immersion in the fascinating science behind how computers work, and move on to cover additional topics such as exploring various programming languages, and paradigms, and related viable career paths.


*Offer of full money back guarantee if course is dropped within the first week applies only to all other courses  EXCEPT for “Hacker .01”


This course is focused on gaining critical experience in frontend development, design, and unit testing primarily through JavaScript and HTML5 along with CSS3. Fledgling coders will transform into FrontEnd developers by way of more than just hand coding simple static webpage designs. Our students take on useful lessons in providing basic responsiveness via Bootstrap and even applying database driven login functionality without ever writing a single line of SQL, as well as generating impressive static content driven blogs and websites. Graduation confidently places you on the path to full stack mastery.
Timeframe: 24 wks full-time / 48 wks part-fime



Delve into 2.0 where you’ll grok what the “ins and outs” of mid to back-end development are really all about. Students cover CRUD and database planning/management, as well as popular frameworks that will be useful for saving valuable time; will grasp invaluable skills for organizing and debugging code within the context of large-scale projects; advanced responsive design for mobile apps; how to wield APIs such as Facebook Login or Google Maps plug-ins; and of course how to host any future projects online.
Timeframe: 24 wks full-time / 48 wks part-time



This is our “Pro” level course and is comprised of a combinational review and add-on to the already successfully employed principles, behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and techniques which define what it means to be a programmer. Attendance here is aimed at providing a deeper functional understanding of the aforementioned Front End and Back End programs offered that thereby we might graduate advanced level novices to the realm of self-sufficient, full-stack hackers. This course closes with the creation of native apps through conventional means like Swift and Java coding.

But it is through JavaScript at the core of our curriculum and as the most relevant of teaching languages that you will leave confident not only in the knowledge of what is necessary to build great looking and secure web apps and programs, but also with a solid foundation comprised of today’s most in demand and lastingly relevant skills from which any student can build the exact type of future they’ve been waiting for — starting now.

Timeframe: 40 wks full-time / 80 wks part-time



The Alexandra Hunter scholarship was launched with the intention of helping to incentivize a greater female presence within the currently underrepresented tech industry through the subsidization of tuition fees. If this offer applies, then feel free to contact us here.   


Anyone reading this and interested should contact us up front here regarding evaluation for financing options. This can include an optional line of credit extended to cover daily living expenses as necessary or desired.

“The biggest failure you can have in life is making the mistake of never trying at all”



Get the most out of your time! Consider joining the Hacker Hideout community!

On-site housing to be available starting at $750/month and up will include:

  • 24/7 admission free access to our hacker space, with all that it includes below, plus the interesting and talented people you can meet, and more…
  • Includes access to on-site workshop replete with tools, parts, and space to work virtually uninterrupted by appointment on pursuits such as PC repair, robotics projects, or more, and particularly after closing hours for the public. Launch or sustain your own small business from our premises!
  • Free VPN access
  • Free locally hosted Hackathons
  • Raffles held for Def-Con tickets, assorted tech event passes & other loot
  • Optional laundry service: prepare laundry for us as specified, leaving it in a certain location, and expect it back cleaned and dry. Pay for a discounted plan up front, or pay as you go if you prefer the freedom.
  • Free coffee to help keep up HP throughout coding quests
  • Free high speed internet
  • Featuring biometric scanning door locks, entryway security cameras, and an emphasis placed on creating a secure oasis for your accompanying belongings and technology
  • 24/7 access to our co-working space
  • Private or shared rooms
  • Monthly open or private parties as well as events like poker tournaments
  • Big screen TV with cable access in the community living room area
  • Play billiards and ping pong with housemates and friends ’til your heart’s content
  • Discounts on clothing merchandise, plus 1 free logo t-shirt (at least)
  • Shared spacious kitchens and multiple shared full bathrooms on multiple floors
  • Meal plans to be made available with our in-house chef starting at $110 /wk which include everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to snacks made available from Monday-Friday

For more about securing a spot now, click here to see details.